The course is designed for professional and nonprofessional practitioners and activists in the field of performing arts, visual art, theory who seek to research and determine their own conditions of work. it is suitable for people who can motorize their own artistic production and knowledge production not only responding to the opportunities given by the institutional market.

It is a platform for everyone who wants to expand possibilities and interests in his/her own working practice. A forum for producing knowledge in critical exchange and ongoing discursive practice and place for temporary autonomy and full concentration on work, developing a tool-machine where one can work on developing methods, tools and procedures, not necessarily driven toward a product.

Cultivating a place for experimenting with other than known modes of production and organization of work, focusing on developing a language coherent to the performative praxis and articulating feedback. It seeks to create a place of change that can potentially widen the understanding of art and its relation with society at large, and possibly contribute to shaping the future of the international performing arts field. By providing and co-creating conditions for research and work, we look for participants in their attempt to rethink, or even radically re-imagine forms, aesthetics, practices and ethics, thereby widening the understanding of what performance is, and pre-figuring and practicing the acts of the future. At the same time, we are looking for cultivating a broad and diverse network of artists, we try to reinforce the connection between education, research and production, and to nurture an understanding of possible connections with other disciplines and fields.

The programme is focused on the community and new perspectives, questions and urgencies; new cultural and socio-political angles and concerns; new networks and contexts. We try to make this richness available for everyone in the school, in a continuous attempt to question the givens and remain porous to an everchanging world.

Voin de Voin lives and works in Sofia. He has a master's degree from the DasArts Institute for Advanced Research and Performing Arts, Amsterdam, and a diploma from Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Goldsmiths College - History of Art and Theater, London, Ecole International de Cinema et Realization (EICAR), Paris. He is a co-founder of the Institute of Performance and Theory together with Snezhanka Mihaylova, and since July 2016 has been managing an independent art space in Sofia called ÆTHER.

He works in various fields of visual arts, ranging from performance to installation, including his research in the fields of collective rituals, psycho-geography, sociology, psychology and new media. He has participated in numerous international events such as Documenta 14, Athens (2017) (parallel program); Manifesta 11, Zurich (2016); Venice Biennale 2015 (parallel program), Melbourne International Arts Festival (2009); MoMA, New York (2007); Hetveem Theater, Amsterdam, Tanja Leighton Gallery, Berlin; France Fiction Gallery, Paris, Cartier Museum, Vienna; Living Art Museum, Iceland; Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair and others. He has awards from the Mondrian Foundation for Visual Arts, Amsterdam (2008) and Das Arts Stichting for the Arts (2006-2008).

Method of admission:

Participants are recruited through a competition without an age limit: students from art schools, artists, activists and others wishing to send their CV, projects (if they have) and a cover letter by e-mail:

Price: BGN 480 one course of three months

Course is lead by
Voin de Voin

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