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Already in Bulgaria with the New Creative Academy!

New Creative Academy is a place for contemporary art education within courses - alternatives to current academic models of education, developed by some of the most exciting current professionals with extensive international experience.


Are you looking for a contemporary, up-to-date and different from the academic education in the field of art, but you still can't find it in Bulgaria and you have to look abroad? DOMA Art Foundation in partnership with Doza Gallery created New Creative Academy to fill this field. We offer contemporary art education within courses - alternatives to current models of education, which are important for both bachelor's and postgraduate skill levels. New Creative Academy relies on personalities, so our team consists of one of the most exciting current art professionals with extensive experience internationally, ready to share it with you. Together with them we have provided some top guest speakers in each of the fields, so that students get the full combination of local and international knowledge and opportunities.

Students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of artistic expressions and to develop in the field of contemporary arts through theory, practice and open critical discussions. The meetings are held on site in the spacious halls of Doza Gallery in the center of Sofia, as well as in the art studios, laboratories and independent art spaces in the city. Each course ends with an exhibition in the gallery and an accompanying program, followed by a certificate.

Enrolling in the New Creative Academy can help you reorient or complement the classic education program. Here you will gain knowledge and improve your professional qualification. The program is aimed at people without an age limit with desirable, but not mandatory, professional education and experience in the field.

The dynamic environment of the educational alternative supports the cooperation and exchange between the participants, mentors and guest lectors, developing a critical and strongly argued aesthetic view of our environment, preparing specialists with ready-made solutions.

Period of the program:

3 months - 1 course (100 teaching hours)

Start of the courses:

March 2021

 Method of admission:

Participants are recruited through a competition without an age limit: students from art schools, artists, activists and others wishing to send their CV, projects (if they have) and a cover letter by e-mail:

Price: BGN 850 one course of three months

When enrolling in two courses, the second course has a 25% discount or BGN 680.

When enrolling in three courses, the third course has a 50% discount or BGN 425.

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