Art and Science

The course is designed for professionals (or non-professionals with an interest in contemporary art), as well as people coming from different specialties, with an interest in interdisciplinary approaches. It is a platform that expands the boundaries of known practices in order to explore new areas of interaction between art, science and technology. 

As a part of their training, participants will have the opportunity to create a new type of thinking mechanism for dealing with problems from their artistic practice. The course aims to create a kind of "laboratory" in which disciplines of different nature are combined in a non-standard way to find an answer to a problem belonging to the field of art. 

The topics that will be covered include hybrid art, bioart, soundart, netart, the practices of successful artists who work in these areas will be presented. 

The course will trace theoretically in historical terms the foundations for interdisciplinary art, and it will elaborate the contemporary reasons for its importance. It will explore topics such as the application of "analogy" as an approach to creation, the concept of "total work" of art, information theory and more. 

Within the practical tasks, there will be discussions on current topics and how these interdisciplinary manifestations are contextualized in modern society, as well as the development of a work that explores and applies in practice the studied techniques.

Aksiniya Peycheva is a transdisciplinary artist, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The focus of her work is the process of ‘visual translation’ where she explores the possible ways of moving pieces of information between different fields of knowledge – ‘how one or several scientific fields can be combined in order to answer a question only important to art.’ She often collaborates with scientists, and her projects are also accompanied by a theoretical part, the result of a long study on certain topics, which include the topic of the visual translation of music or pain.

Light, kinetic, interactive of multilayered glass installations, her works contain different layers of information, using various scientific methodologies, which can be explored as an attempt to redefine the fields of knowledge and to rethink the initial need to set their boundaries.

Method of admission:

Participants are recruited through a competition without an age limit: students from art schools, artists, activists and others wishing to send their CV, projects (if they have) and a cover letter by e-mail:

Price: BGN 850 one course of three months

When enrolling in two courses, the second course has a 25% discount or BGN 680.

When enrolling in three courses, the third course has a 50% discount or BGN 425.

Course is lead by
Aksiniya Peycheva

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