Exhibition design

The course is divided into 10 speed blocks of 8 hours. In every block, we will find the answer to the very one question: „What makes an exhibition a perfect exhibition?“ The answer to this question is every time a different one. It depends on the topic of the exhibition, on the location, on the time frame or the budget and many more parameters, but we will focus on the most important parameter: the exhibition


The designer and his or her attitude to an exhibition, it’s content, visual language opens up a horizon for answering the very one question about the perfection we look for. So this course will be not so much about learning specific tools for designing an exhibition, but much more about finding an individual conceptual approach to such temporary design projects.

The first three blocks are narrative. We don't draw or sketch, just write, read, and listen. In the following three blocks, we add one more dimension to the text and start making visualizations layered on the stories we have developed. The next upgrade is when we go 3D, adding spatial complexity to the visualized story. The last block will be installing the work of the first nine blocks at the DOZA Gallery, so making an exhibition out of your perfect exhibition projects.

CAD and Photoshop skills are welcome, but not required. The course is for everyone.

Iassen graduated in architecture and urban planning in Stuttgart, where he is teaching now theory of architecture at the IGMA department. In 2008 he won a scholarship to the Akademie Schloss Solitude, where he founded the organization Assozziatti, known in the circles as the missing link between pixel science and architecture. He invented a new way to create and present theoretical information using simple Photoshop tricks included in a number of books and magazines such as ARCH +, Tank Magazine and others. During his academic work, Markov is also teaching at the Technical University of Berlin, the Architectural Association in London, he is organising workshop after workshop with the mission to shed light on the mystery of pixel knowledge. Works freelance with clients such as Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch, Hugo Boss, Swarovski and others. He is the founder of Technobeton - a company for music and concrete.

 Method of admission:

Participants are recruited through a competition without an age limit: students from art schools, artists, activists and others wishing to send their CV, projects (if they have) and a cover letter by e-mail: office@newcreative.academy

Price: BGN 850 one course of three months

When enrolling in two courses, the second course has a 25% discount or BGN 680.

When enrolling in three courses, the third course has a 50% discount or BGN 425.

Course is lead by
Iassen Markov

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